Should You Take Your Traditional Business Online? – Part 3 of Getting your Business Online

If you have your own business or starting one right now, you might still be full of questions as to how to make your business better. You practically did everything written on the book. But it all seems like you are still missing some things. Nowadays, whatever your business you have. May it be selling stuff or services, or maybe a combination of both, you are really missing a lot when you don’t use one of the world’s best resource as of the moment – the Internet. Currently, it is crucial for an offline business to have an online presence of any sort.
We are well aware of the continuing rise in popularity of the World Wide Web has well affected how business works and how customers and prospective clients interact with your business. Remember that the Internet is not only a “place” to sell your merchandise and services but it is also a powerful marketing tool to have a connection with your clients.
There are people who utterly refuse to sell online. That is no problem, taking your offline business online would just help you create opportunities for your potential clients that your business does exist and you have what they are looking for. There are a lot of known approaches when doing this though.

Take note that each approach has its own pros and cons. It’s always better to weigh both the good and the bad before deciding what approach to take,
Your own website is usually the better option. It will give your prospective clients an idea that you are indeed serious with what you are doing. Here are some basic information or tips for your own website:

  1. Make sure it is user-friendly.SEO for small establishments
  2. If you decide not to sell your service on your site, make sure to provide some information for
    your customers.
  3. Display the location of your business. (Using a Google Map is a good alternative here.)
  4. Do not forget to include contact information like your fax number, email address or telephone number.
  5. Include a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) so the customers will have all their basic questions answered right off the bat.
  6. If you have guarantees for your service and/or product. Proudly display it in your website. This will help generate trust between you and your customers.
  7. Always offer a method of interaction between you and your customers.
  8. Keep a “blog” on your site. It will keep your customers updated with the goings-on in your business. Also, it will invite comments and discussions from your customers.

If you try to think about it deeply, taking your offline business online makes good sense. Aside from making your business more accessible to the general public, you also inadvertently tap into the world’s currently rising marketing and advertising channel. This is certifiably the best way to get a bigger client base. It offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance and efficient approach in doing business.