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You may have heard the phrase “content is king” and it is true that quality content drives engagement and website traffic. But there is a kind of content that gives you supercharged SEO rankings and the ability to inform but more importantly the ability to inspire and evoke emotion that can turn prospects into customers.

The golden ticket is video marketing.

By 2019, experts predict that online content will be 80% video marketing because it is uniquely effective. For example, 90% of consumers say that product videos directly impact purchase decisions and companies using video marketing have 41% more website traffic from search engines compared to those who do not use it.

b2b video marketing

The oldest Millennials came of age as YouTube was coming into its own, and YouTube became a medium that they couldn’t live without. Not only did it allow anyone with a talent, knowledge or skill to share it with the world, it also created a whole cadre of YouTube stars.

YouTube is indispensable to millions and millions of people, making it the perfect place for companies to reach out to new potential customers. YouTube marketing is the next frontier ineffective customer acquisition strategy.

Video gives you the opportunity to blend product and company information with compelling imagery, music and written and spoken words and to speak directly to your audience, establishing a direct connection. Video marketing can be especially powerful when companies speak to the values they share with their prospects and is key to building trust, especially with US consumers who tend to be more cynical than those in other countries.

Because you can see the people, video marketing, especially video testimonials, have the most authenticity of any kind of marketing and this directly translates into revenue. Consumers reward brands they see as authentic, with 91% saying they will share authentic brands with friends and family and 62% saying they are more likely to buy from authentic brands.

Advertising plan for small businesses

Here are some ideas of how you can use YouTube marketing or video marketing on platforms like Facebook to increase your customer engagement, build trust and increase sales.

Demo videos – Show how your product works, whether it shows the unboxing, what is included and the features or is an actual demonstration of how the product is used to solve a problem.

Brand videos – Brand video marketing is more general and highlights the company’s vision, values, people and customers so that prospects can feel comfortable with doing business with you.

Educational videos – Give your audience new information on a topic related to your business and/or show them exactly how your business can help them with specific situations and problems.

Thought leadership videos – Show your executives and other experts speaking on a topic related to your business or industry to build trust and authority.

Event videos – If your company or organization has its own events or manages events for clients, video marketing is a great way to show the excitement, fun, and value of your events.

Get on the video marketing bandwagon and reap the benefits!