Does Online Reputation Management Work?

Do me a quick favor right now. Do a quick search of your business name, or a bigger brand name online. Now as soon as the results pop up, do you see some negative results? If you do see some negative stuff there, you might just need Reputation Management.

Reputation management is a relatively new concept. The idea behind it is rather old but it still holds true to this day. Well, especially these days. Why? Simply because customers nowadays are more empowered than before.

Comments and Feedback

Once you do business with a specific brand, you usually have something to say about them after the encounter. Depending on your experience, you have either positive or negative feedback. Back in the days, you usually keep this feedback to yourself, your family, and a couple of friends. If you had a good time, the people who heard your feedback will patronize the brand and business. On the other hand, if you give a fairly negative review, your friends and family might stay away from the business.

These days, it works fairly the same way but the reach and methods of sending feedback has been increased by a thousand-fold. You were limited to family and friends when voicing your feedback before. But thanks to social media and the Internet, your review and feedback can be seen (and even heard!) by hundreds of thousands of people. Imagine how scary that means for a brand that has dissatisfied reputation management

Does Reputation Management Work?

Knowing how reputation works can give your brand the must needed advantage against your competition. Making it work in your favor will be golden. That is why you need Reputation Manager. Question is, does it work?

Online reputation may sound like a very complicated concept but in reality it is not. In its core, it’s just reviews and feedback. So you need to make sure, through Reputation Management, that they work on your favor. The main reason why it works is because it’s actually pretty logical. If you can get as many 5-star reviews and positive feedback online then you can get reputation back. That doesn’t sound really complicated at all, doesn’t it?

But you always have to remember that your online reputation is only as good as your service. No matter how many 5-star reviews you have online, it still won’t be a big change if you don’t really change for the better. So the best thing to do is to take the negative feedback, learn from it, and move forward. You will really notice an increase in the positive reviews if your business changes for the better.