Why Offline Marketing Is Important for Complementing Online Strategies

If you run a local business, you must have an online marketing strategy. Statistics show that 81 percent of consumers engage in online research prior to large purchases, so this should be enough to prove online marketing’s importance. Offline marketing, however, must not be overlooked. Your online marketing agency can sometimes provide tips, or you could try out your own luck. Regardless of your method, offline marketing will definitely complement your online strategy.


Reaches Consumers that Online Marketing Can’t


No matter how hard you try, some people will never see your online marketing. This stems from the fact that 13 percent of U.S. citizens still do not utilize the web. People in rural areas and older generations are most affected by this. Regardless, offline marketing is the only way to reach certain potential customers.


Online Buyers Go Through Offline Channels

offline and online


Many believe that every aspect of making a purchase is not handled exclusively online. Research statistics, though, debunk this widespread myth. Of all online consumers, a full 40 percent are influenced by offline sources before making their online purchases.


These offline sources can be anything from billboards to TV ads. Whichever offline method it is, statistics do not lie when showing the benefits of offline marketing to your online strategies.


Great Exposure, Low Price


You must never sacrifice your online marketing for anything, but offline strategies are a low-cost way to complement your online methods. Guerrilla marketing techniques, for instance, continuously prove their value when done correctly. And since people can be pointed to your online sources through an offline presence, which is great due to promotional oversaturation online, you can rest assured that offline and online will always benefit each other.


The online marketing services you receive can only benefit from offline strategies. Luckily, it does not cost much to achieve that goal. Because of this, the additional effort you put in will be well worth the endeavor.