Social Media Marketing

The Challenge

Social Media Marketing is all about building relationships. But more importantly, it is about building a community made up of relationships with the right people – your target audience. Moreover, the real value in Social Media comes from solidifying relationships with those members of your target audience who have the most reach and influence. It is not enough to simply add Twitter followers or Facebook fans without regard to who they are.

Accumulating ten thousand followers who are not interested in what you have to say is far less impactful to your business than building a community of one thousand people, made up of members of your target market.

Beyond finding the right audience, the further challenge lies in engaging this audience in a way that prompts your message to spread and ultimately results in people visiting your website and making a decision to buy. Addressing these challenges effectively is time consuming and takes a high level of expertise and technical capabilities. While anyone can participate on the various Social Media networks, not everyone has the ability to both engage the right audience successfully and effectively monitor their brand and the results that are being achieved, in real time. As experienced Social Media Marketing professionals, we have the solution.

The Solution

Our specialty is reaching the right audience, creating communities, and turning followers into customers. We take the following steps to achieve these results for our Social Media Marketing clients!

We learn about your company. When you engage us for Social Media Marketing services, we become the voice of your company in the Social Media world. That means we need to know as much as possible about your company, as well as your goals for your Social Media efforts. We accomplish this through a comprehensive client profile as well as independent research.

But it doesn’t stop there. Through real-time monitoring of your brand, industry, and keywords, we continuously keep our finger on the pulse of your brand, allowing us to respond appropriately to news, events, and mentions of your company. The result of this kind of attention is that you become not just another Facebook or Twitter friend, but a valuable resource to your community of followers and a brand that is in tune with the needs of your customers.

We provide strategy recommendations. Based on what we have learned about your company and your goals, we develop a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that is designed to maximize your presence and impact in the Social Media world.

This strategy is a guide to accomplish (and hopefully exceed) your stated goals. Because the landscape of Social Media and business in general is ever-changing, your Social Media strategy is fluid enough to be instantly responsive to changes and events that affect your brand.

We build a community. Keeping in mind your Social Media Marketing strategy, we develop your Social Media presence in a way that builds a community around your brand. This step in the process typically includes the following action items:

  • Establish a Facebook company page
  • Establish a Twitter account
  • Establish other relevant Social Media Profiles
  • Promote your Social Media channels on your company website
  • Create custom Social Media graphics