The Importance of Reputation Management

Reputation News

Individuals, even businesses, like to project a certain image. Depending on the circumstances, this image can either be good or bad. Obviously, we want to stick with the positive reputation as much as possible. This is mainly because a positive image attracts other people as new acquaintances or as customers.

So do you have any idea what your online reputation is?  Have you checked recently if your business has a positive or negative reputation? Now, more than ever, online reputation is becoming more important as people are now realizing that they have various avenues of airing out their views and feedback.a reputation that took decades to build can be threatened by a single event

Online Reputation and the Offline Business

Some businesses believe that if their business is offline, their online reputation does not matter. They think that since they don’t deal with customers online, they can just leave their online reputation as it is. Well, this would have been an OK reaction some 10 years ago but that ideology will not work out today if you want to have a successful business.

Some businesses are unaware of their online reputation and it sets them into a disadvantage. Modern businesses should remember that new technology and beliefs are currently empowering the ordinary customer. Empowering in the sense that they can now easily voice out their concerns and feedback regarding businesses. With a few clicks, customers who are either satisfied or dissatisfied can ultimately change the reputation of business.

Avenues of Feedback

Online reputation can be influenced by a lot of things. For example, there are websites that actually serve as an aggregator for online feedback. On these sites, a customer can rate a business and provide comments regarding their service. Aside from this, there are also a number of blogs that review businesses. They do their best to give fair feedback.

Aside from these sites, social media sites are also a good source for feedback that can affect your online reputation. People nowadays are more connected than ever and a person’s comment can reach hundreds if not thousands of people all thanks to social media.

Customers and Feedback

Nobody wants to go to a place where there is horrible service or bad food. In order not to disappoint themselves, people oftentimes turn to the Internet to look for help. Usually, they will look for reviews and comments regarding a specific business. Just imagine if they look up your brand and all they see are negative reviews and bad comments. They will surely think twice about going to your place.

If you, as a business, would want to survive in the modern world then you should make sure you are aware of your online reputation. More than that, you should learn how to manage and monitor it. Note that reputation aside, knowing what is wrong with your business is always important. Any good businessman knows that feedback, may it be good or bad, is always good feedback if you see it from a different angle. Customers always commenting that your service time is too slow? Maybe you should find a way to make your process faster.

So what do you think? Should businesses keep a good online reputation? How do you think can businesses and individuals use the notion of online reputation to their advantage?