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Reputation management is a reactive way of influencing your businesses reputation or image online. In most cases, companies are inquiring about this because they have had a significant amount of bad reviews posted about them online. These could come from having an upset previous employee, competitors, or a real review of a bad experience. We do not repair reputations. We help create a positive reputation or image and then market it online.

Reputation marketing is a proactive way of managing your businesses reputation online. It is done by creating a process with our tools for businesses to engage all their customers in getting feedback. We then take the good feedback and market it online through several different platforms. The negative feedback is filtered out for businesses to handle in a quick manner so they can attempt to change a customers bad experience into a good one.

We have a strict privacy policy here at YESOnline. To protect our customers, we do not hand out their information to protect them from being misrepresented or have unwarranted online attacks from malicious people that do exist in the world. We know you will appreciate the same privacy once we are serving your needs.

That can be a complex question based on the context in which it can be referred to, but let us explain the best way we can.

We do have automated systems. Most of our automated systems are used to gather information vs. posting information. However, we do use some automation to syndicate the positive reviews we collect for you. Most of the stuff in the middle is done manually. We do not use what the industry has labeled as “Black Hat Tools”. We believe that many of these tools out there do not provide long term results, so do not employ them.

No. We only take customers that we feel will do what is necessary while working with us to market your reputation. We are not a company that just goes out and posts reviews. It truly takes a little work on your side to accomplish this. We need to feel comfortable that we are going to be working in partnership with each other.

Also, we take into consideration your current reputation online. If you have a significant amount of bad reviews that may display your company’s entire culture as “Bad”, then we will just suggest another company for you to call. We have been doing this for a long time and can tell the difference from fake and real reviews. If we feel that is not the case, and you truly are surprised at what people are saying about you online. Then we will help.

Absolutely not. We abide by all the laws and do not do anything that could jeopardize your company or ours legally. We have decided not to work with companies because they have asked us to do certain things with their reviews online. Even if what they were asking was still legal, if we feel it may have a hint of being unethical, or not a true representation of the company. We will just part ways with no hard feelings. We abide by all the third party companies guidelines and rules when it comes to posting and marketing reviews on their sites on your behalf.

No. We may attempt to help remove slanderous comments, but our nation guards free speech highly. We also believe in that highly and is why we feel comfortable in what we do. Engaging your customers in a way that helps get more of those positive reviews online. Getting more positive reviews posted vs. negative reviews will force the negative reviews down the search engines or make them negligible in how a potential customer will see you online.

No. We provide tools that allow your customers to leave positive feedback. If you are properly promoting this to your customers. Then fake reviews are irrelevant and unnecessary.

Yes and No…

No: Old reviews that have been posted and have never had a response should be left alone. All it will do to reply to them now is bring them up higher in the search engines for more people to see.

Yes: When we begin to market your reputation, we will respond to any negative reviews that get posted in the future. When a potential customer sees that you are responding quickly to a bad experience and doing what you can to rectify it can help. It may not be as good as a positive review, but it is better than seeing a bad review with no attempt by the business to make it better. It shows you are proactive and care about the customer. In some cases, you will see the customer change their rating online.

We provide the tools for customers to engage you with. How many customers you get to engage and how strongly your staff is promoting it to your customers will depend on results. The faster you get your customers to post, the faster you will see results. In our blog, we speak about how many reviews it takes to be considered a trusted company. That number is 10. Then, you have to keep a good amount flowing through that funnel to stay that way.

We have had customers take 3-4 months to get 10 reviews because they didn’t take action within their company. On the other hand, we have had companies get over 30 reviews submitted in less than a day of implementing it into their business. Which company do you think saw results faster?

Syndication is getting the feedback we collect sent out to as many social and other online networks as possible. That is what makes us a reputation marketing company and not a reputation management company. The more feedback you get, the more gets sent out. Depending on the package you choose. We can syndicate to Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, your own website, blog, and many many more properties. Then, we make sure it gets indexed in the search engines for everyone to see.

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