What to Expect

Content Marketing

Building Relationships

One of the great advantages of including Social Media in your marketing strategy is that it gives you the ability to build relationships with your customers and potential customers. Through effective Social Media strategies, people get the sense that they truly “know” your brand. This translates into more-qualified, better-targeted leads, more customer loyalty, and even brand advocacy (people saying good things about your company to others).

Engagement and Interaction

Unlike traditional “push” marketing, where a company often simply blasts its message out to the general public, Social Media allows a company to engage customers by asking questions and starting conversations. This goes a long way toward building relationships and makes Social Media a valuable tool for soliciting customer feedback, determining market needs, and keeping your audience interested in your company.

Ideally, engagement leads to interaction. In many ways, interaction is what makes Social Media work, and it is what makes it unique among marketing methods. Interaction involves two-way conversations with your target market. It is what helps to form relationships, which ultimately lead to sales.

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Social Media Generates Results

Results You May See Immediately

Soon after we begin providing Social Media services for your company, you should see an increase in the number of followers, friends, and connections you have on your various Social Media profiles. How dramatic this increase is will depend on several factors, including the size of your current Social Media following and how involved you are with Social Media before we begin. In addition, you may see an increase in re-posts of your content by followers, as we engage with your audience on your behalf.

Results You May See Over Time

As interaction with your target market increases and relationships are built and strengthened, your content will be shared more and more – within individual networks and across networks. This activity can increase your site traffic, improve your search engine rankings, and ultimately result in higher sales. Remember: Social Media is about building relationships with your target market, and relationships take time and consistent effort. You won’t see huge results out of the gate, but most experience strong return on investment over time.

Time - Money - Investment

Because there is no charge to join the major networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, there is a misperception by many business owners that Social Media Marketing is free. Social Media takes time and focused attention to be successful. Whether this attention is provided by someone within your company or a Social Media expert, there is an investment involved.

Perfection - Consistency

As with any good relationship, it will take some time for our Social Media writers to truly get to know your company. We want to be the voice of your brand on Social Media, and we know that with a little time and your feedback, we can make that a reality.

Like any good marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing is a continuous process that is never complete. We will set goals for your Social Media activities, and we’ll review and update those goals regularly and as your needs dictate.

As you begin to realize results, your goals will be adjusted so that your Social Media efforts are never stagnant – the kiss of death for Social Media Marketing. We are proud to consider all of our client relationships long-term “partnerships” and look forward to working together with you in mutual prosperity.